Sitting on the Problem?

by Dr. Sean Landry on February 18, 2013

Stop Sitting on the Problem

Sitting on the ProblemSometimes in life the smallest change can cause astronomical effects.

A recurring theme I help people become better with is posture and bio-mechanics. I teach people the basics of how to move, sit, stand and sleep properly in order to avoid misalignments that seem harmless at the time but add up and take their toll on your body in the long run.

Bad posture and improper alignment lead to premature breakdown. It is a simple concept, overlooked by most.

Take Your Car to the Mechanic

If the alignment of your car is off with respect to its frame you can feel it. You may not notice it while driving slowly through a school zone but as soon as you accelerate and hit the highway- the car starts to shake and the steering wheel vibrates in your hands.

If the alignment and frame isn’t fixed soon; the brakes, tires and other parts of the car wear down faster than they should.

Take Your Body to the Mechanic

PostureIt is the exact same idea with respect to the human body and frame. If the alignment is off, it wears and tears faster than it should. The only difference with a car is the pieces can be replaced.

Example: You have a pebble in your shoe and instead of taking it out (because you are too busy, too lazy or whatever the case may be) you leave it in and go about your daily routine. Your body innately shifts its weight to the other side and compensates so you can walk to your car, drive to work and keep going.

The little pebble may not seem like a big deal once you’re sitting down in your car or at your desk, but every time you get up and walk around you will compensate and stress/load joints, muscles and tissues that otherwise shouldn’t be loaded.

Easy fix

From a bio-mechanical standpoint the fix is easy, remove the pebble and re-establish proper alignment.

Unfortunately here’s the problem… How many pebbles do most of you have in your daily lives. What postures, stresses, tensions, bumps, bruises and falls have you incurred over time that have messed with your alignment and are now affecting the way you feel and function?

Simple advice- stop sitting on the problem, take the wallet out of your back pocket and have your alignment checked today. Your body will thank you later.

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