My Mission

I am on a mission to create one of the healthiest communities around, right here in the West Island of Montreal.

I am committed to promoting health and wellness for all, by providing outstanding patient care, empathetic support, and ongoing education. My objective is to increase individual health awareness and provide those patients serious about improving their health with the means to do so.

Forming a Partnership

Reaching your health care goals is as simple as forming a partnership. Think of me as a health care coach specialized in providing the knowledge you need in the healing environment you desire to help you reach your personal goals quickly.

Whether you’re simply interested in temporarily dealing with your current symptoms, seeking a more permanent resolution to your health concerns or wanting to enhance your performance in the competitive arena, I will tailor your program of care to fit your needs.

My promise to you

I am committed to building a long-term relationship with you.

This is dependent upon helping you reach your health care goals as quickly as possible and is established by:

  • Using a consultative approach.
  • Explaining exam procedures and treatment programs in advance.
  • If I cannot help you, you will be referred to an appropriate health care professional.
  • Valuing your time.
  • Recognizing and honoring your health care goals (establishing a partnership).
  • Always improving clinical skills.
  • Utmost respect for your privacy.


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